What should I expect during my session?

After filling out a short questionnaire about your medical history, you will be introduced to your therapist and talk a little bit about what you need out of your session. Let your therapist know about any areas where you have been experiencing pain, tightness, or discomfort; if you would like deep or light pressure; or if you'd just like to relax. Your therapist will then step out of the room as you get on the massage table. You should dress to your comfort level and get under both the top sheet and blanket with only your face/head, arms and hands outside of the covers. In a few minutes, your therapist will knock on the door and make sure you are comfortable. You should feel comfortable at all times, so let your therapist know if you are not. Communication with your therapist is encouraged. Breathe and relax. Your therapist will let you know when your session is completed, and leave the room while you dress. When you are ready, open the door to your room and your therapist will walk you out.

Am I allowed to give my therapist a gratuity?

Gratuity is always greatly appreciated. Therapists accept cash or personal check.

What if I can't make it to my appointment?

We are happy to reschedule your appointment to fit your needs. You can do so by calling Balance Therapeutic Massage at 757-428-2222. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we require at least 12 hours notice. Without proper notification or if you do not show, the credit card used to reserve your session will be charged 50% of the service fee.

How do I book a couples massage online?

Massage sessions can be booked online using the online scheduling link. Unfortunately, massages cannot be booked in other client's names. A separate account must be made for each client. If you would like to book for couple's massage, each client must log in using the online scheduling link and book with separate therapists at the same time, and for the same length of session

How do I book a massage for another person online?

Please refer to the previous FAQ about couples massage. Gift certificates are available to be purchased in person at our storefront, or online by clicking here and selecting the online store tab.

How often should I come for massage?

Your personal massage schedule is dependent upon your activity and stress levels. Massage and bodywork is cumulative - the more you come, the better you will feel and more relaxed you will stay. Generally, most people who get regular massage come monthly or twice a month. If you have had an injury, you may want to come a few times a week, or weekly, until the issue healed, and then drop your schedule back to a monthly appointment.

Should I book a 60 or 90 minute massage?

If this is your first massage, a 60 minute massage is a good way to start. For specific work or work on injuries and areas where you are experiencing pain, you may want to allow 90 minutes.

What should I do after my massage? How can I prolong my relaxation?

Drink plenty of water after your massage session. Do some light stretching or walking when you return home. You can soak in an epsom salt bath. Rebook before you leave to ensure your preferred appointment date and time.

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